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How To Buy Snuff & Snus

How To Buy Snuff & Snus
Snuff & Snus Shipment:
According to Chinese law, EMS (Express Mail Service), a state-run express company, is the only permitted way to transport powder-formed goods from China to other countries, but its shipping expense is little expensive.
EMS Standard ExpenseUSD
Destination Country Price for first 500 grams Price per additional 500 gram
HK, Macao, etc. 21.72 4.34
Japan, Korea, Mongolia, etc. 26.06 5.79
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. 27.51 6.52
Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, etc. 30.41 7.96
Belgium, England, Danish, Fenland, Grace, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Spanish, Austria, etc. 40.54 10.86
American, Canada 34.75 10.86
Turkey, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lankan, Laos, Burma, etc. 47.06 13.03
Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, etc.   48.51 14.48
Egypt, Ghana, Israel, Jordan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, etc. 64.44 17.38
Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc. 64.44 17.38
Snuff &Snus Payment:
As for the payment method, please contact our customer service, we will send you Paypal request link per your order request. Attention, since Paypal does not support the payment of nicotine products (snuff and snus), so please do not mention any word of snuff and snus. 
Ordering methods for snuff & snus:
Due to the above restrictions, if you want to buy snuff or snus, please place an order by email and we will invoice you by email. Our email is:
This obviously brings you a lot of inconvenience, but we can do nothing as there are no any other solutions for the time being. We hope that there will be some changes in the future.
Our Snuff & Snus:
ROCOCO was founded in 2008, with a relatively wide product line, including some snuff and snus of Chinese characteristics. De Ster En De Lelie is a snuff made in China according to the Dutch formula. Mr. Jaap Bes, Chairman of STICHINTING DE KRALINGSE SNUFF EN SPECERJEN COMPAGNE, gave us snuff formula on December 5, 2016 and allowed us to register the relevant designs and texts as Chinese trademark. Therefore, we can produce snuff in China according to the formula we have received. Absolutely, it is hereby declared that the production, sales and after-sales service of De Ster En De Lelie snuff do not concern STICHINTING DE KRALINGSE SNUFF EN SPECERJEN COMPAGNE.
Snuff & Snus Product List
Warning: You must be over 18 years of age to purchase our product. This tobacco product can damage your health.
SKU      Name & Picture Description   Price Capacity
D001 Tabac de Paris a la Robillard
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
A recipe from the Napoleonic era(1769-1721). Fermented Virginia tobacco leaves, with French brandy, red wine, syrup, tamarind and other flavors. The fragrance does not produce a clear end note; the process is only to enrich the original flavor. $4.68 10g
D002 Choco crème
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
It is known by a variety of people in the snuff circle, and has a large number of fans. Virginia tobacco leaves are fermented with sweet cocoa, chocolate, cream, etc. After 6 months of fermentation, the texture is thick, powerful, and fragrant. Choco crème is proposed to be one of your main choices. $4.68 10g
D003 Mokka crème
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
The recipe for Mokka crème and Choco crème differs only in one ingredient, with sweet cocoa replaced by bitter coffee. The changes make the taste richer in foundation, more touch of cola. You are doubly refreshing by caffeine and nicotine. $4.68 10g
D004 Pompadour
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
Mrs. Pompadour (1721-1764), a French woman who was the lover of Louis XV, appointed the formula. The coarse articles are scented with bergamot, cloves and lemon, bringing a strong fruity, fresh and invigorating flavor. $4.68 10g
D005 Bon Bon
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
It is more complex than the formula of Son de Tonca No.1, containing sandalwood, ambroxan, benzoin, turkey bean, vanilla, iris, lemon, lavender, bergamot, French cognac, etc.. $4.68 10g
D006 Prins Regent
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
The designated formula of a regent in ancient Europe, the basic texture is close to Mrs. Pompadour, the end note is a combination of bergamot, lemon, rose, etc., with both floral and fruity flavor. $4.68 10g
D007 Son de Tonca No.1
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
The preparation process of this especially complex formula needs a full page of A4 paper instructions, including Turkish beans, lavender, benzoin, Peru balsam, roses, etc., with red moist texture, rich and wonderful flavor. $4.68 10g
D008 Latakia A/P
De Ster En De Lelie Snuff
Other brands of pine series snuff have mint in it, but this one does not. In addition, its end note is a combination of pine needles and fir. $4.68 10g
R001 Sour honey
Rococo Snuff

It is aged for more than 10 years. Without that time, the fragrance would not develop like this. The finest raw leaves are selected with fine grinding, superior smoke quality without any choking smell. The color is red and brown. The scents are honey , sour and saucy, with three fragrant but not greasy notes, which are long-lasting. $18.5 8g
D002 Oriental herbs
Rococo Snuff

It has an aging period of more than 5 years, and the aroma has been fully condensed. The texture is medium to thin, dry and not sturdy, there will be a strong sense of spice for the nose, the obvious herbal scent. Clove, agastache, tangerine peel and other pleasant aromas have been combined into a unique smell after long period of fermentation. $9.9 8g
D003 Black special
Rococo Snuff

It is aged for more than 10 years. It has strong sense for the nose and eyes, marked with “old invigorating flavor” in snuff circles. $24.6 8g
Rococo Mini Portion Snus
One bottle contains 18 portions.  Lavender, rose, geranium, and wild pineapple are fragrant and moderately cool. It may be a little greasy at the beginning, but after a few times, you will fall in love with the fullness. $5.5 18pcs
Rococo Mini Portion Snus
Gentle mint, fermented leaves, a perfect sense of coolness, with green mint and peppermint, it won’t be so cool that it is painful, which makes it appropriate choice. $5.5 18pcs

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